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There's an inherent sense of comfort in the name "Godfather", and the Godfather OG Autoflowering marijuana seeds live up to that expectation. This strain is cherished for its knack for inducing relaxation in users. Typically recommended for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts, Godfather OG Auto boasts an impressively high THC content, occasionally reaching up to 25 percent.


True to its reputation, the Godfather OG Auto delivers a potent and sedative high. Initially, users may experience feelings of joy, euphoria, and lightness, but as the high progresses, its physical effects become more pronounced, often leading to a sense of immobility.


For medical marijuana users, Godfather OG Autoflowering marijuana seeds offer relief from worries and stress. Its calming and sedative properties make it an excellent choice for promoting sleep, while its appetite-stimulating qualities can aid in combatting lack of appetite.


Lineage of Godfather OG Auto

Godfather OG Auto is the offspring of a cross between Godfather OG and Ruderalis, resulting in a predominantly Indica hybrid strain. This strain is characterized by its fruity, sweet, woody, and earthy flavor profile, accompanied by a potent body high typical of Indica varieties.

With a THC content ranging from 25% to 26%, Godfather OG Auto offers a strong and deeply relaxing experience, making it an excellent choice for users seeking powerful effects.


Indica Dominance

Godfather OG Auto is primarily an Indica strain, renowned for its potent sedative effects. Its auto-flowering nature maintains the genetic heritage of the original strain, providing users with a profoundly relaxing experience, particularly suitable for evening consumption.


Effects and Therapeutic Benefits

Renowned for its intense relaxation and euphoria, Godfather OG Auto offers relief from stress, anxiety, and pain. Its effects typically begin with a cerebral rush before transitioning into a full-body calm, inducing a state of blissful tranquility. Medicinally, it's effective in managing chronic pain, muscle spasms, and insomnia.


Growing Characteristics

Godfather OG Auto exhibits robust characteristics inherited from its OG lineage and efficient auto-flowering genetics. Growers can expect dense, resinous buds with a compact structure and fast flowering time. With a swift flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks, this strain allows for multiple harvests within a single growing season, making it suitable for commercial cultivators and home gardeners alike.


Germination Process

To ensure successful germination, handle Godfather OG Auto seeds with care, avoiding direct soil planting initially. Utilize sterile tweezers or gloves to prevent contamination. The germination process involves placing the seeds between damp paper towels on a plate within a warm environment (70-90ºF) until germination occurs within 24-120 hours.


Flowering Time

Godfather OG Auto boasts a rapid flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks, thanks to its auto-flowering genetics. This swift cycle enables growers to achieve quality results with minimal intervention, whether cultivating indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. With its resilience and adaptability, Godfather OG Auto ensures consistent access to high-yield, high-potency buds in a fraction of the time of traditional strains.


How to Cultivate Godfather OG Auto Cannabis

Godfather OG Auto seeds can be cultivated indoors or outdoors, provided optimal conditions are maintained to ensure healthy development and prevent issues during growth. Although compact and sturdy, these plants require protection against pests.


Growing Techniques

Employing different growing methods can enhance the terpenes and flavors of Godfather OG Auto buds. Using a high-quality substrate such as perlite, peat, or coco coir facilitates moisture retention, promoting robust growth.


Optimizing Yield

Based on customer feedback, yields can be increased by up to 20% with Autoflower seeds like Godfather OG Auto. These seeds are favored for their fast life cycle and auto-flowering capabilities, which eliminate the need to rely on changes in light cycles. Providing 18/6 or 20/4 light schedules can optimize yields.


Life Cycle and Harvest

Godfather OG Auto boasts a rapid life cycle, with plants maturing and flowering in as little as 8 to 10 weeks. This swift cycle allows for multiple harvests throughout the year. Outdoor growers in the northern hemisphere should sow seeds in April for a mid-October harvest. Healthy plants can yield approximately 3.52 – 4.23 oz/plant outdoors and 1.14 – 1.31 oz/ft2 indoors.


Environmental Conditions

Maintain daytime temperatures between 68°F-80°F and nighttime temperatures 7°F-9°F cooler. Godfather OG Auto thrives in low humidity conditions, with relative humidity levels at 55%-60% during the vegetative phase and reduced to around 40% during flowering. By harvest, humidity can be further reduced to 30%.


Aroma and Flavor

The buds of Godfather OG Auto are dense, resin-soaked, and often exhibit a crystalline sheen due to abundant trichomes. They boast a harmonious blend of fruity, sweet, woody, and earthy flavors, resulting in a delicious and smooth smoke. With its high resin production, Godfather OG Auto is ideal for producing premium extracts and concentrates.


Terpene Profile

Godfather OG Auto features a robust terpene profile, including Limonene, Linalool, Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta-Myrcene, Beta-Pinene, Alpha-Pinene, Alpha-Humulene, and Eucalyptol. These terpenes contribute to the strain's aroma, flavor, and effects, enhancing its overall quality and appeal.


Experiencing Godfather OG Auto

Godfather OG Auto is celebrated for its potency, boasting a THC content of 25% – 26%. It induces a state of happiness, concentration, and relaxation, making it perfect for evening consumption. With its mostly Indica structure, this strain offers a large yield and takes approximately 8 – 9 weeks from germination to harvest. Terpenes like Limonene and Linalool contribute to stress relief, pain reduction, and relaxation, ensuring a unique and enjoyable experience for users.



With its rapid growth cycle, high potency, and delightful aroma and flavor profile, Godfather OG Auto is a standout strain cherished by cannabis enthusiasts. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, this strain offers consistent yields and quality, making it a must-try for both novice and experienced growers.


  • THC


  • CBD


  • Ht.

    Medium: 100cm-180cm

  • Yield

    Yield Indoors (per m²)

    Up to 450g/m²

    Yield Outdoors

    Up to 550 gr


    Each $35 pack contains 5 seeds. 

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    Cannabis Seeds are legal to buy, sell and ship in the US according to a recent DEA letter. Otherwise they are sold as souvenirs, for strain preservation, and until the time when laws change nationwide. Germination of seeds is still illegal in some states. Federally, cannabis growing is in a legal gray area.

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