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Blueberry Auto is a beautiful inbred cross of a Lowryder #2 male an original Blueberry mother. The resulting plant is a vigorous, potent, auto-flowering strain with excellent side branching. Although some of the blue hues from the mother have been lost in the cross, this strain retains its mothers fruity taste.


Indoors, these plants stay quite short at around 90 cm. taking between 80 - 90 days from seed to complete its life-cycle. Yields are good and growers can expect around 450 gr/m2. Outdoors, plants grow a bit taller at between 110 - 120 cm. In good growing conditions each plant can produce as much as 100 gr. each. Some plants will have buds that display some lovely blue colours towards the end of flowering especially if the temperatures turn a lot cooler at night. Suitable for a SoG grow.


Blueberry Auto's scent and taste is of ripe berries. THC levels are high at approx. 22% and the effect is fast-acting, well-balanced and very relaxing.


Why Should You Buy Blueberry Feminized Seeds?

  • Legendary and Exotic Variety: Blueberry is a renowned strain with a rich history and exotic lineage, making it a prized addition to any cannabis collection.

  • One of the Fruitiest Strains: Renowned for its incredibly fruity flavor profile, Blueberry offers a taste sensation like no other, reminiscent of fresh blueberries.

  • Strong Indica with High THC Content: As an Indica-dominant strain with high THC levels reaching around 20%, Blueberry delivers a potent and satisfying experience. Additionally, it can exhibit beautiful colors in its buds, adding to its visual appeal.

  • Customer Favorite Since the Late 90s: Blueberry has maintained its popularity among cannabis enthusiasts since its introduction in the late 1990s, a testament to its enduring quality and appeal.

  • Multiple Award Winner: Blueberry has garnered numerous awards over the years, including 1st Prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2000 and 3rd Prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2001, solidifying its reputation as a top-tier strain.


Characteristics of Blueberry Strain:

  • Fruity Flavor Profile: Blueberry offers a delightful aroma and flavor reminiscent of fresh blueberries, making it a highly enjoyable strain to consume.

  • Resinous and Compact Buds: Blueberry buds are dense, resin-coated, and can contain THC levels of around 22%, producing a robust and potent smoking experience.

  • Flagship Strain of the Blue Family: Blueberry is the cornerstone of the Blue Family strains, known for its blue hues in flowers and leaves, as well as its incredible aroma reminiscent of real blueberries.

  • Balanced High: Despite being Indica-dominant, Blueberry provides a clear and euphoric high, thanks to the right balance of Sativa genetics. It offers a long-lasting and enjoyable experience, suitable for daytime use.

  • Genetic Composition: Blueberry is primarily composed of Afghani Indica genetics, with contributions from Thai and Oaxacan Sativa strains, resulting in a unique and potent cannabis variety.


Growing Information:

  • Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation: Blueberry thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments, offering flexibility to growers.

  • Optimal Harvest Time: Indoors, Blueberry typically matures in 8-9 weeks, while outdoor harvests are ready around the start/middle of autumn.

  • Yield and Growth Pattern: Blueberry plants can yield between 350 and 450 grams per square meter, with compact growth patterns and sturdy stems.

  • Challenges and Rewards: While Blueberry may pose challenges to newer growers and requires attention to environmental conditions, experienced growers will be rewarded with a bountiful harvest of top-quality cannabis.


In conclusion, Blueberry feminized seeds offer a premium cannabis experience with exceptional flavor, potent effects, and rewarding cultivation characteristics, making them a must-have for cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.


  • THC


  • CBD


  • Ht.


  • Yield

    Up to 600 gr/m2

  • SHOP POLICIES Disclaimer Legality:

    Cannabis Seeds are legal to buy, sell and ship in the US according to a recent DEA letter. Otherwise they are sold as souvenirs, for strain preservation, and until the time when laws change nationwide. Germination of seeds is still illegal in some states. Federally, cannabis growing is in a legal gray area.

    Be informed before you purchase. By purchasing, you are indicating that you are at least 21 years of age, and are aware of your local laws regarding growing this plant. You waive any liability against 5-Seeds. If you act outside your laws, we will not be held liable. 5-Seeds does not condone breaking any laws.


    Your Responsibilities:

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