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Cheese Autoflower










Cheese x Lowryder #2

Flowering Time

10 Weeks Seed to flower


78 in


1 - 3 oz/ft²



Cheese Autoflowering breathes new life into the Cheese family. This next generation autoflowering hybrid is not merely a rushed cross of any Skunk and any ruderalis. Rather Cheese Autoflowering is the product of the fusion of a mega productive Critical+ Auto and an original old school Cheese clone. Cheese Autoflowering was purposefully bred to rival contemporary photoperiod cannabis strains, not just other autos.

Unlike most ruderalis, Cheese Autoflowering will easily top 1m in height indoors and branch pretty well. This larger structure allows for a greater payload of bud. Cultivated under artificial light yields of 25-60g per plant are to be expected. Outdoors in warmer climates, she can grow even taller climbing to 1.3m and produce somewhere in the region of 40-135g per plant.

Organic soil cultivation is recommended to unlock the full signature Cheese odour and full flavour. Although she is pretty versatile and performs well in a coco and hydroponics too.

A little fertiliser goes a long way with Cheese Autoflowering. Take care to maintain optimal pH range for your chosen substrate and a steady low-medium dose of nutes. She can be sensitive to sudden fluctuations. Treat her well consistently for best results. While the aroma and flavour of Cheese Autoflowering are unmistakably authentic Cheese. Her effects, on the other hand, are very different.

Furthermore, Cheese Autoflowering might be larger than the average auto hybrid, but still unsuitable for topping and or fimming. The required recovery time is too long for any auto variety. Large containers, minimal pruning and as much light as possible are more likely to result in a heavier harvest.

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